Cultured Artisan Ferments

Cultured Artisan Ferments

$ 7.00

Our sister-company, Cultured, takes organic and/or local produce (when in season) and turns it into tasty, unique ferments! They make a wide variety of ferments from beet kvass to kimchi, fermented hot sauce to flavorful krauts. If you look at the backs of the labels, you will most likely even find some TWF produce in there!

Everything is traditionally lacto-fermented, which means it is easy-to-digest, completely raw, and full of enzymes and probiotics.


Cabbeetage Sauerkraut

ingredients: purple cabbage, onion, sea salt, garlic, org. rosemary, org. coriander seed.

Can't Beet this Kvass

Sip this earthy, lightly sweet beverage first thing in the morning or before meals for digestive and total body support. Also excellent in dressings, sauces, or as a cocktail mixer.

ingredients: beets, distilled water, sea salt

Ethiopian Sauerkraut

Hot Sauce

Kohltrain Sauerkraut 

Sweet & Sauerkraut

ingredients: green cabbage, carrot, onion, apple, sea salt, garlic, org. ginger.

Seasonal Kimchi 

ingredients: brussels sprouts, carrot, daikon radish, sea salt, green onion, garlic, org. ginger, org. gochugaru, *fish sauce.

*Allergy warning: contains fish