Mixed Meat Share Program

Mixed Meat Share Program

$ 194.00
*Season price has been prorated to reflect the remaining meat share pickups*
Share pickups are the first Sunday of each month

Why buy a pastured meat share?

You receive a monthly share of assorted pastured meat cuts at reduced cost. We get up-front money to cover everything from pasture maintenance and animal health, to labor. Don't want to commit to the whole season? We now offer the option to buy in monthly increments. Our ruminants (lambs and cows) are 100% grass-fed, while the poultry and pigs receive organic, soy-free grain. All our animals are pastured in a rotational style.   

How much meat will I get?

Our meat shares will run for six months (June-November), and we have three different size options (based on avg. daily consumption of 1/5# meat per person):

  • Single: 6-7 lbs
    • Full season: $290, or $48/month
    • Per month: $52
  • Double: 11-12 lbs
    • Full season: $480, or $80/month
    • Per month: $85
  • Triple: 17-18 lbs
    • Full season: $735, or $122.50/month
    • Per month: $128

Shares will vary each month, but will focus on more common cuts (ground, sausage, roasts, chicken, etc.), with smaller amounts of specialty items such as bacon and premium cuts. All of our processed and cured meats are free of nitrates, MSG, and preservatives.

What will be in the shares?

The shares will contain a mix of mostly chicken, beef, and pork, with lamb or duck less frequently. The November share will be an optional credit toward your Thanksgiving turkey (broad-breasted) equal to your monthly share cost.

Please let us know if there is any type of meat you do not want included in your share. 

Missed the start date? You can join at any time during the season at a prorated price as long as we still have slots available

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