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Beef Bundles

Trillium Wood Farm

Beef Bundles

$ 180.00

*Due to low inventory, beef bundles will not be ready for pickup until early July*

Stock up on beef without maxing out your credit card or your freezer! If you are looking for a more manageable portion of the cuts you would get in a beef share, one of our three beef bundles is for you.

Now featuring 100% grass-fed & finished beef (& free of added hormones/routine antibiotics) with so much marbling, you'll forget it's grassfed! Our partner farm, Landmark Pastoral Farms, is located on 300-acres of lush pasture in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, and does everything right concerning animal welfare and land stewardship. We believe this is the best grass-fed beef there is!  

Choose between 20#, 40# (~1/12 cow), 60# (~⅛ cow). These bundles are the same assortment of ground, steaks, roasts, and patties that you would receive by purchasing a share of an animal, but in a more manageable size! Here's the breakdown of each bundle:

20# bundle: 67 meals, $2.69/meal- <1 cu. foot of freezer space needed

40# bundle(~1/12 cow): 133 meals, $2.63/meal- ~1 cu. foot freezer space needed

60# bundle(~1/8 cow): 200 meals, $2.55/meal- 1 ¾ cu. feet freezer space needed