Thanksgiving Turkey (Deposit Only)
Thanksgiving Turkey (Deposit Only)

Thanksgiving Turkey (Deposit Only)

$ 30.00

Let one of our free-range turkeys be the centerpiece at your holiday feast! 

Numbers are limited, get yours while they last!

Deposit is $30-50 depending on which size bird you order- We will bill you the remainder upon pickup.

Please be aware that if you choose Cash On Delivery (COD) as your payment option upon checkout that your spot will not be reserved until we actually have your deposit.

The birds fed organic grain are $6.00/lb, while the birds fed non-organic grain are $5.00/lb 

Since our birds live on pasture and their muscles get a lot of use, they tend to be slightly less tender than those raised in confinement. Plus, did you know that most turkeys you buy in the store are already injected with a tenderizer solution? Make the most out of your bird by brining it before-hand. Use a simple brine solution of equal parts salt and sugar and as much water as needed to cover, or get creative with this recipe

*We will do our absolute best to get you a bird as close to your pound requirement as possible, but due to individual differences in birds we can not guarantee an exact weight.

**For the first few weeks of their lives turkeys need to be on a very high protein percentage feed. During this time they will receive an organic mixture containing soy, due to how cost prohibitive a soy-free starter formula would be.